Friends of Daggertown

Friends of Daggertown


  • The next Friends of Daggertown Meeting will be a Social Event in September most likely at The Pilot. The date will be in the Newsletter and will be posted here
  • You can report an concerns or incidents anonymously by leaving a comment on the BLOG page. All concerns and incidents will be relayed to our MP, Stephen Doughty, and to the police. Please see the notes on ‘Reporting Incidents’.

Our neighborhood is the original site of today’s Penarth. It was an area that catered for the sailors and dockworkers at Penarth Docks and was called Daggertown. There a number of sites that comment on the history of the area. They are listed on the About Penarth page.

This neighborhood is an attractive place to live with the best city view in Wales. We have a fantastic resource in park for young families and young people in the form of the childrens’ play area and the MUGA. We attract a lot of visitors from outside our neighborhood who come to use the MUGA, to look at the view, and to park while they walk down to the Barrage.

Our message to all visitors is a simple one. We are a liberal and tolerant neighborhood and appreciate that we do not own the view and the open space. We welcome, and are proud of, the diversity of visitors who make use of the resources and enjoy this wonderful view as much as anybody. We do expect visitors to respect our neighborhood and its residents